SterloMax is the go-to brand for all your hygiene and disinfectant needs.

The range of products includes WHO- recommended handrub solutions liquid, alcohol- based gels, surface disinfectants including food contact surfaces.

To combat the pandemic, a range of accessories are offered by SterloMax, including a high-grade 6 layer reusable mask, professional contactless automatic Sanitizer dispenser, and a disinfectant mat.

Natures Only

About Natures

Natures Only was founded on the principle of providing “Natures Wealth for Good Health". Our objective is to instil your trust and confidence in our innovative, tailor-made solutions for specific health concerns.

With unrivalled expertise in a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, as well as manufacturing, research and development, Natures Only is committed to increasing the awareness and benefits of natural, pure and safe solutions.

Natures Only has been trusted worldwide by health-conscious people. We use only the purest most effective ingredients and natural foods, and combine them with current scientific research to create cutting-edge formulas.

Product quality is ensured by a total control over every step of the production process from procurement to packaging. All manufacturing steps meet GMP requirements. We guarantee a healthy product that promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Our Mission

To Enrich The Quality Of Life Around The World Through The Creation Of Innovative Pharmaceutical, Nutritional And Hygiene Products

To Be A Global Pharma Innovator With Competitive Advantage In Ophthalmology, Hygienic, Nutrition And Gynaecology Therapeutic Areas


BioDHA is an algal DHA produced from microalgae Schizochytrium, a species from marine algae, shown to oil rich in Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs). Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the most abundant PUFA component of the oil (approx. 35% (w/w)

Bioplus introduced BioDHA microencapsulated powder (a dry mix option for formulations) for food & beverage manufacturers. This product is heat stable, has better sensory characteristics thus provides a vegetarian, sustainable source of DHA.


Ketoji is the most ‘potent’ exogenous or oral source of therapeutic ketone supplement as Ketone ester (D-ß-hydroxybutyrate ester). It is designed for anyone considering managing their weight, increasing their cognition skills, or simply wanting to feel more energetic with a low carbohydrate diet

Vitamin E TPGS

Natural source, water soluble form of Vitamin E TPGS is widely used excipient in drug formulation and is rapidly expanding into the beverage and functional food markets. Structure-property relationship suggests that it uniquely meets the need for enhancing drug solubility, permeability, safety and enhancing the bioavailability.

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